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My Philosophy is to give and give my Wealth be it Material or be it Spiritual-

Dr.C.Nageswara Rao

Millions across the Globe are living with a hope for a better tomorrow. Inspire, Insipre and Inspire to Dream and Realise -

Sree PVF Awards

    My Philosophy is to give and give my Wealth be it Material or be it Spiritual-

    pvf Awards

    Sree Ramakrishna Paramahamsa Research Grants

    As a private foundation incorporated under Section 7(2) and Rule 8 of the Government of India Companies Rule 2014, Sree Padmavathi Venkateswara Foundation (SreePVF), Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, has been supporting excellence in medical education and care as well as offering awards, donations and grants to individuals and institutions, societies and foundations, whose aims and activities are in tune with those of the Foundation since its inception. With a vision for betterment of humanity and recognizing that in addition to the government, Private Foundations and Trusts should also support research and technology through grants, SreePVF has constituted Sree Ramakrishna Paramahamsa Research Grants in 2019, arguably the first of its kind in India. The award in Biomedical Sciences constitutes one three-year research grant (of up to Rs. 3 crores) each year, for individuals and groups engaged in "bench to bedside" translational research. The grant programme expanded to agricultural sciences in 2021, with the constitution of a special call specifically for agricultural sciences to support novel and sustainable solutions that benefit small and marginal farmers.


    SreePVF 2021 Call

    Grant title: Sree Ramakrishna Paramahamsa Research Grant Call 2021
    Grant Amount: Up to Rs 3 crores
    Grant Duration:
    3 years
    Minimum Qualification:
    PhD/MD/MS or Equivalent
    Last Date:
    September 15, 2021

    Ambit of the grant and focus areas: Applications for a three-year grant are invited from interested individuals and teams from not-for-profit research organisations. The call is for one grant in any branch of science and technology for cutting-edge “Bench to Bedside” translational projects leading to interventions that improve the health of individuals and the public. Any project designed to address a focused disease related topic with cutting-edge techniques and analysis resulting in translational solutions to illness or clinical problems will be eligible to apply.
    However, climate change, agricultural sciences and ecological sciences are excluded from the ambit of this call.
    Sree PVF expects that proposals submitted under this funding initiative describe ambitious projects that lead to substantial benefit to human health with measurable impact. The grant is envisaged as an enabler to deliver ready to deploy solutions which can lead to successful bench-side applications. A key requirement of the grant is that the proposed research should, by the end of the 3-year grant period, lead to tangible outcomes, that can immediately be translated into innovative tools/products/treatments/interventions that are easily accessible and cost-effective, thus benefitting large sections of the population.
    Proposals for less than three years will not be considered.

    Interested individuals and teams from universities, R&D institutions, medical centers and recognized non-profit research organizations in India are eligible to apply.

    The proposals can be from single institution or multi-institutional. International collaborations are also eligible, however the lead organization must be based in India. In case of international collaborations, a strong justification must be provided as to why this collaboration is essential for the execution of the project, what value the collaboration will add to the proposal and why this work cannot be carried out in India. Any regulatory approvals needed from the Indian Government for the collaboration as well as material transfer etc..need to highlighted.

    The minimum eligibility criteria for applicants is PhD/MD/MS or equivalent.

    Since there is no salary on offer, the applicants should already have secured salary and space from the Host Institution before applying.

    The Principal Investigator should be below 50 years of age (5year age exception is given for women applicants).

    Sree PVF grants are not intended to duplicate support available from other Indian Government/other sources. Where applicants already received substantial funding for their core activities/similar work, they will only be eligible if they can demonstrate that the activity for which funding is sought is additional to the work for which they had already received funding from other sources.


    The maximum budget is Rs 3 Crores for one grant.

    Grant will be disbursed in three tranches with each tranche no more than Rs. 1.0 crore per year over three years.

    Eligible costs for funding are Capital expenditure (equipment); Manpower; Consumables; Travel (local & international travel, and local hospitality); Contingency; Overheads; Outsourcing; others, such as training & awareness; workshops; publications; review meetings, etc. based on the requirement of the project.

    SreePVF offers flexibility to the applicant in how they wish to utilize the budget as long as the requested costs commensurate with the proposed research and are strongly justified.

    However, salary for Principal Investigator is not included in the grant. The Host Institution is expected to provide salary and space for the duration of the grant period.

    The Grant will only be given to the primary Host Institution in India. Money disbursement in case of multi-institutional grants is the responsibility of the primary lead institution, which must put in place a suitable mechanism.

    Application Procedure:

    The form is available to download from here

    The deadline for receipt of the three-year proposal is 15 September, 2021.

    Soft copies of the duly filled in application must be emailed as a single consolidated PDF file with all necessary signatures to sreepvfgrants@gmail.com

    Hard copies are not required.

    Applicants are requested to take due diligence in filing up the form and provide necessary information as required.

    Short listed candidates would be required to present research proposal before a selection committee through an on-line presentation.


    Important Timelines:
    Launch Date:12 June 2021
    Last Date for submission of applications:15 September 2021
    Short-listing and Interviews (Expected):by 15 January 2022
    Announcement of Results (Expected): by 31 January 2022


    For any queries, please write to sreepvfgrants@gmail.com


Application Form Download

    Application Form Download

Application Form Download

    Application Form Download

Previous Awardees

Principal Investigator: Dr Vidita Vaidya, Tata Institute of fundamental Research (TIFR), Mumbai
Collaborator: Dr Ullas Kolthur-Seetharam, TIFR
Title: Modulation of mitochondrial metabolism within limbic brain regions following early life stress

Summary: Early adversity and trauma are major risk factors for an altered health trajectory, with enhanced risk for psychiatric diseases. This remains an important public health concern for India, and a deeper understanding of the underlying mechanisms that result in life-long changes in neural circuits following early stress has important preclinical and clinical implications. It is our expectation that through this work we will generate novel information on the essential role of specific aspects of mitochondrial metabolism and function in mediating the influence of early adversity in the development of increased risk for adult psychopathology and altered trajectories for age-associated dysfunction. We anticipate the identification of novel targets that are suitable for the development of therapeutic interventions (ranging from biotechnological, nutritional and pharmacological) designed to target mitochondrial pathways as novel ways to treat anxiety and depression, as well as with implications for aging-associated pathology.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Vandana Sharma, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad (IITH), Hyderabad
Collaborators: Dr.Mahati Chittem, Dr.Veenith N Balasubramanian (IITH)
3D Imaging based Vein Intrusion Guide System for Pediatric and Geriatric
We propose to demonstrate and commercialize the proof of concept of a novel 3D Vein Viewer module that not only images the peripheral vein mapping underneath the human skin but also determines the depth of the vein vessel from the top of the skin with micro-meter accuracy. The standard technique for peripheral IV Intra-Venous access involves a clinician using a tourniquet to engorge veins, followed by palpation to identify a suitable vein and finally insertion of the catheter needle. This often results in many cases of false trials and multiple needle penetrations into the body. Near Infrared Radiation NIR penetrates deeper into tissues a few centimeters and provides 2D images of the subcutaneous vascular network. The maximal likelihood estimate of the depth of is obtained through our recently patented technique of integration of Mie-Scattering with imaging. To account for physiological variations such as skin tone in the population, we also introduce an in-vivo optical coherence tomography (OCT) based mapping of the skin. A single compact, mobile device combining such state-of-the-art optical technologies forms our proposed vein locator which would aid medical staff in reducing the bruising and damaging among patients especially among infants and the aged during IV therapy.

Featured Services

    Before the Birth Of SPVF

    • Gave up Ivory Towers and comforts of Boston.
    • Returned from USA only to serve the needy.
    • Watch foundation.
    • Other Works Done.

    SPVF- Why Now?

    • Carried out several Philanthropic activities individually and through other foundations.
    • Work done So far has an Impact on the society but not high and perpetual Impact as dreamt
    • Not satisfied with the work done so far, we have decided to scale up operations of giving away everything that the almighty gave us.
    • With a firm belief that we are Ordained To Give and Inspire, we set our eyes on reaching higher levels of social service perpetually.
    • Our Dream is always about "People and Nation Building'
    • The End Result - Birth of Sree PVF - "The One, Ordained to Inspire a Nation and Its People"

    We seek to become the most respected Organization by inspiring and enriching peoples lives through innovation and assist in realizing their dreams.
Create a people centric organization driven by innovation for path breaking approaches in achieving sustainable results.
Align & Engage ourselves with global development initiatives like United Nations Millennium Development Goals in order to realize the global objectives.
Enourage people to indulge in practices like meditation to spread lasting universal peace and Happiness.

1. Build an organization that inspires the nation to innovate and continue improvements in the fields of agriculture, science, education,preventive health care and affordable high quality homes.
2. Create a corpus fund of 2000 crores/Half a Billion USD in first 10 years of time and improve continuously.
3. Enrich fives of people through philanthropic activities and thus play a vital role in nation building.
4. Have high impact on society by carrying out passionately philanthropic activities in the chosen fields and further contribute to the society by inspiring and instilling confidence in people for the purpose of nation building.
5. Accomplish two key tasks which never go hand in hand by practicing and preaching through innovative methods.
6. To attain the state of Jeevanmuktha(Emancipation), guide and encourage the people in undertaking the path for attaining the state of Jeevanmuktha.
To Encourage and develop enterpreunial skills among the people.
DR. CHADALAWADA NAGESWARA RAO M.S., FRCSC, FACS. Diplomate in American Board of Urology Dr. CHADALAWADA NAGESWARA RAO hails from Guntur District. He had his Medical Education from Andhra Medical College and took his M.S. Degree in General Surgery from Andhra University in 1964.
He was Assistant Professor of General Surgery in Andhra Pradesh Medical services and worked at Medical colleges in Visakhapatnam & Guntur.
He went to U.S.A in 1968. He did his internship at Franklin Square Hospital in Baltimore and was awarded a certificate of merit as an “Outstanding Intern of the year” in 1969. He was a fellow in General Surgery at world renowned Lahey Clinic for one year. He took the American Boards in Urology in 1975. He was the top ranker in Boards examinations conducted by American Board of Urology.
He obtained F.R.C.S (Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons of Canada) in Urology.
He was on the faculty of Tufts University as Assistant Professor in Urology till 1978. He returned to India in 1978.
He made an exemplary contribution to medical profession, specially to his specialty of Urology. Having been trained at the best of places in the world, he chose to come back to his motherland and native place and started Urology practice in 1978 at Vijayawada, a small town those days. In course of time he established a 120 bedded specialty hospital. He established the state of the art Urology Centre at Pinnamaneni Poly Clinic in Vijayawada. Under his aegis, Pinnamaneni Poly Clinic had a free clinic and served 40% of out patients and 10% of inpatients free of charge.
From 1987 for more than 15 years, rural programme were conducted and reached 100 villages in 4 mandals in Krishna District serving the poor and the school children.
He served as Council member, Hony. Secretary and President elect of Urological Society of India.
He served as President of Urological Society of India 1997-1998.
He published many articles and presented many papers in National & International Journals and meetings.
He is the Post-graduate teacher for DNB Course in Urology since 1991 and he is a Professor at Pinnamaneni Poly Clinic, which is one of the fifteen to be recognized for training in urology in the entire country till 2004.
Dr. Nageswara Rao along with Dr. Sudha was the recipient of UGADI PURASKAR award by MADRAS TELUGU ACADEMY in 1994 for the dedicated work in their profession. He is the Managing Trustee of Dr. PINNAMANENI & SMT. SEETHA DEVI FOUNDATION which was established in 1990 who honour eminent persons in various fields every year with a cash award of Rupees Two lakhs and a citation. The foundation extends financial assistance to meritorious students who are economically backward, to pursue their professional studies.
On 15th January, 1999 he received National award “UROLOGY GOLD MEDAL” for his outstanding contribution to Urology.
He delivered the most prestigious oration of Urological Society of India. “HIMADRI SARKAR MEMORIAL ORATION” in their 32nd Annual conference held at Bhuvaneswar.
He also delivered another prestigious oration conducted by South Zone of Urological Society of India, Professor H.S. Bhatt Oration in 2002.
Dr. Pinnamaneni family donated 31.30 acres of land at Gannavaram to Siddhartha Academy for establishment of Medical and Dental colleges.
A small town environs never inhibited their academic zeal. Dr. Nageswara Rao has in all made more than hundred contributions in the form of scientific papers in journals, books and papers presented in national and international conferences. He also started DNB course in Urology and produced twelve post MS candidates and change them as Urologists with DNB qualification.
He rose to become National President of Urological Society of India after serving USI as Governing Committee Member for three years and Honorary Secretary for four years. He hosted 20th National Conference of Urological Society of India in Vijayawada in 1986. He was the first person to start state chapter of Urological Society of India and named as APSOGUS (Andhra Pradesh Society of Genito-Urinary Surgeons) and this was followed by formation of many state chapters. He also formed SUN – Vijayawada i.e. “Society of Urologists and Nephrologists” which meets once in a month.
He was instrumental in bringing a team of 25-30 Doctors from “Padua University” the oldest medical university of Italy to Dr. Pinnamaneni Siddhartha Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Foundation for 5 years doing free surgeries for the needy patients.
Established SRI PADMAVATHI VENKATESWARA FOUNDATION in 2014 and donated 11,000 sq yards of land in the heart of the city Vijayawada as corpus fund. The income generated from this will be used for Health care, Education, Innovations, Agriculture and for the fulfillment of United Nations Millennium goals.
Complied and published the following books:
1. Pour Faire Rire (To Raise a laugh)
2. Scaling New Heights
3. Future Surgeons Key Surgical Skills
4. Infectious Inspiration & Pursuit of Excellence
He was the recipient of UDYOG BHARATHI PURASKAR AWARD by DELHI TELUGU ACADEMY in April 2016.
He was conferred the ‘Degree of Doctor of Letters’ Honoris Causa on 18th November 2017 by Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Viswa Mahavidyalaya (SCSVMV University) at Kanchipuram, Tamilnadu.

Rare combination of relentless quest for professional excellence and deep concern for social good characterize the personality and work of Dr. Sudha, motivated with striving for better coordinated efforts in rendering services to the people, mark out her as a different from the run of the mill professionals.
It is said that while individual abilities and performances are laudable, they attain a rare feature of nobility and dignity when they contribute to the wholesome benefit of the society at large. Earning and learning are social endeavours, when there is a sense of sharing with others in the longer context of social benefit.
Kalidasa said “Aadaanam Hi Visargaaya Sataam Vaarimuchaami” i.e. “Good people take things only to give away, like clouds”, and this is exemplified in the work of Dr. Sudha in letter and spirit.
She had taken crucial decision to serve the felt needs of the society in which she was born and brought up. She was trained and was on the faculty of Harvard Medical School at Boston returned from America, at a time when it was and is far from fashionable for people of their eminence and excellence to continue to stay in USA. This was in tune with the spirit of “Janani Janma Bhumischa, Swargadapi Gariyasi”. After establishing the prestigious tertiary health care institute “Pinnamaneni Poly Clinic”, she extended her activities to ‘medico social arena’ with commendable zeal and determination.
With a track record of brilliant academic achievements and professional accomplishments her devotion to social work is equally worthy of appreciation. Dr. Sudha formed ‘WATCH’ (Women And The Child Health) foundation in 1987 with a view to serve the rural populace. The foundation adopted about 100 villages in four mandals (tahsils) near Vijayawada in Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh. They organized free medical camps regularly to help the needy people at their door steps. Another significant contribution in the area of public health sector, the foundation initiated and completed construction of toilets in many schools in these villages in collaboration with the Red Cross society of Gannavaram branch. About 5000 children were immunized for Polio prior to the Pulse Polio programme and another 6000 for Hepatitis-B free of cost.
Dr. Sudha graduated from Guntur Medical College in 1961.
She won five gold medals and was the best outgoing student in her batch.
She did her post graduation in General Surgery and received M.S. degree from Andhra University in 1966.
She was Assistant Professor in General Surgery for two years in Guntur Medical College before going abroad from 1966 to 1968.
She joined world renowed Harvard University at Boston and did her residency for three years from 1969- 1972 in the department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology at Beth Israel Hospital
She passed the American Boards in Obstetrics & Gynaecology with top rank in 1972.
She obtained the F.R.C.S.C (Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada) in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in 1972 in first attempt.
She was in the faculty of Harvard University in the Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology till 1978.
Dr. Sudha is Alumna of Harvard University at Boston.
She returned to India in 1978 to serve the needs of the Society in which she was born and brought up. Even today doctors who had completed full residency in USA with immigrant visa and/or US citizenship returning to India is very rare - indeed they will be less than a dozen in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana put together.
She established the prestigious tertiary health care institute “the Pinnamaneni Poly Clinic” with the ‘State of the Art’ Department in Obstetrics & Gynaecology, which also extended its activities to ‘medico social arena’. In the hospital 10% of inpatients and 40% of outpatients were given free medical care till 2004.
Her special interests were in the practice of High risk Obstetrics and Infertility.
Her passion was Medical Education and training doctors.
She is a member of the following Associations:
Alumna of Harvard University at Boston
Fellow of American College of Obstetrics & Gynaecologists.
Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada.
Fellow of the Obstetrics & Gynaecology Society of India.
Indian Medical Association.
Bezwada Medical Association & Indian Medical Association, Vijayawada Branch.
She was President of FOGSI (Federation of Obstetrics & Gynecology Society of India) 1995-1996.
She was a Member Governing Council Sri Venkateswara University of Health Sciences, Tirupathi from 2004 to 2008 & 2011 to 2014.
She was a former member of Newyork Academy of Sciences, U.S.A
In 1997 received a Gold Medal from Sri Deva Gouda, then the Prime Minister of India at the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Guntur Medical College for her outstanding performance.
Dr. Sudha was the recipient of Ugadi Puraskar Award by Madras Telugu Academy in 1994 for the dedicated work in their profession.
Another feather in the cap of her achievements in the course of her public contribution is the establishment of Dr. Pinnamaneni and Smt. Seethadevi Foundation in 1989 in her Parent’s name and earned a reputation for honouring persons of eminence in recognition of their services in various fields including Literature, Culture, Fine Arts, Medicine, Science, Sports, Social Services etc., with a cash awards Rupees two lakhs and a citation. Among these who were honoured by the foundation are persons of such national renowned reputation like recepients of Bharat Ratna Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam, LathaMangeskarji, Prof CNR Rao, Milk Revolutionary Dr.V.Kurian and Green Revolutionary Prof.M S Swaminadhan and Metro man Dr.E.Sreedharan and many other stalwarts.
Dr. Sudha along with her family members donated Land of AC.31.30 at Gannavaram to Siddhartha Academy and Dr. Pinnamaneni Siddhartha Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Foundation and Drs. Sudha & Nageswara Rao Siddhartha Institute of Dental Sciences were constructed in that land.
Established SRI PADMAVATHI VENKATESWARA FOUNDATION in 2014 and donated 11,000 sq yards of land in the heart of the city Vijayawada as corpus fund. The income generated from this will be used for Health care, Education, Innovations, Agriculture and for the fulfillment of United Nations Millennium goals.
She was a Board Member of Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam from 2004 to 2008.
She was the recipient of UDYOG BHARATHI PURASKAR AWARD by DELHI TELUGU ACADEMY in April 2016.
She was nominated by Governor of Andhra Pradesh in December 2016 as management committee member of Indian Red Cross Society of Andhra Pradesh.


39141 Civic Center Drive; Suite 110
Fremont, CA 94538
Tel No.: (510) 791-9700
Fax No.: (510) 791-9703
Website: www.prasadkilaru.com

Married, Two Children
US Citizen
e-mail : prkilaru@gmail.com

M.D., M.B.A.

MBA Program for Executives – MBA
Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania
May 2008 to May 2010

Hand/Microsurgery Fellowship: USC Medical Center
Los Angeles, CA
Aug 1998 to Aug 1999

Plastic Surgery Residency:
USC/LA County
Los Angeles, CA
July 1996 to June 1998
Surgical Residency: Baystate Medical Center
Springfield, MA
July 1991 to June 1996
Outside Rotations.
July ‘92 to Sept. ‘92- Beth Israel Hospital, Boston, MA
Mar ‘93, May ‘93 to June ‘93- Lahey Clinic, Burlington, MA

Rotating Intern: Gandhi Hospital
Secunderabad, A.P., India
Sept. 1989 to April 1990

Rotating Intern:
Government General Hospital
Guntur, A.P., India
March 1989 to Aug. 1989

Medical School:
Guntur Medical College
Guntur, A.P., India - M.B;B.S. Degree
Sept. 1983 to Jan. 1989

ECFMG Certificate No. - 453-786-6
California Medical License No. A060104
DEA Number - BK4864597
Board Certified in Plastic Surgery - No. 6221
Eligible to take CAQ in Hand Surgery
BLS and ACLS Certified

Medical School
Selected to Guntur Medical College, India, ranking
3rd in a statewide common entrance examination

Awarded Gold Medals in Social and Preventive Medicine and
General Surgery for best overall performance.

Graduated with distinction in Biochemistry and Forensic Medicine.

Recipient of certificate of merit in Biochemistry, Physiology,
Pharmacology, Forensic Medicine

Surgical Residency
Recipient of award for Best Resident Teacher, 1994 and 1995.
Selected by Tufts University 3rd and 4th year medical students.

Jan 97 to Jan 2001 - Per Diem Physician
Kaiser Permanente - West Los Angeles –Emergency Department
Dec 99 to Apr 2001- Staff Physician
Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
City of Hope Medical Center, Duarte, CA
Dec 99 to Apr 2001 - Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery.
Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA
May 2001 to Present – Staff Physician
Washington Hospital, Fremont, CA
July 2003 to June 2005- Assistant Chair Department of Surgery
Washington Hospital, Fremont, CA
July 2005 to June 2007- Chairman Department of Surgery
Washington Hospital, Fremont, CA
July 2007 to June 2013- Chairman Quality and Resource Management Committee;Washington Hospital, Fremont, CA
June 2004 to Present – Director of Wound Care Services
Washington Hospital, Fremont, CA
January 2010 to Present – Director of Hand Care Program
Washington Hospital, Fremont, CA
April 2004 to November 2008 – Medical Director
Essence Medespa, Pleasanton, CA
December 2008 to June 2013 – Staff Physician
Aventine Medspa, Livermore, CA
April 2012 to Present – Staff Physician
Alliance Occupational Medicine
June 2014 to Present – Staff Physician
Fremont Urgent care Clinic


Current Committee Chairman:
Credentials committee, Bylaws committee Prior Committee Chairman: Quality and Resource Management, Surgery Department, Surgery Committee Active member:
Medical executive committee, Operating Room committee. Quality steering counsel Past member:Critical Care committee, Resource Management subcommittee, Continuing Medical Education subcommittee, Surgical Care Improvement Project Committee. Quality HPAC,Peripheral Vascular Committee, Surgery Committee, Medication Safety committee


Chairman Quality and Resource Management Committee
Chairman and past chairman Department of Surgery
Physician Champion Pressure Ulcer Prevention
Prior Physician Champion Surgical Care Improvement Project
Member Medication Reconciliation Committee
Member JACHO Preparedness Committee
Member Venous Thromboembolism Prevention Committee
Member Quality Steering Counsel
Board of director – Management Services Organization

Performed charitable surgery at Pinnamaneni Siddhartha Institute of Medical Sciences since 11/02 on a yearly basis. Went as an individual the first 3 years, arranged for three surgeons in 2006 and had helped organize the Operation Smile team with 50 individual participants including 8 Plastic Surgeons and 6 Dentists – performing over 200 procedures during the last mission and over 400 procedures over the past several years. Currently volunteer member for Operation Smile
Trustee – Washington Hospital healthcare Foundation

Member Board of Directors – Janyaa

Member Board of Directors – Indoamerican Eye Foundation

Member Board of Directors – SreePadmavathiVentkateswara Foundation

American Society of Plastic Surgeons,
California Medical Society
Alameda Contra-Costa Medical Association
Member Professional Liability Committee, ACCMA
Member Physician Litigation Stress Committee, ACCMA


Research fellow, University of Rochester Medical School
Rochester, N.Y., under Dr. M. Del Cerro,
Department of Anatomy. June 85 to July 85.
Research Fellow, Tufts New England Medical Center, Boston,
Mass., under Dr. Edwin Meares& Dr. GrannumSant,
Department of Urology. April 87 to June 87; Feb 91 to Mar 91.


Grannum R. Sant, Angello A. Ucci Jr. Prasad G. Kilaru,
Edwin M. Meares Jr., "Mucosal Mast Cell (MMC)
contribution to Bladder Mastocytosis in Interstitial
Cystitis." Poster presentation, The International
Conference of Urology, Boston, Ma. 1988

Prasad G. Kilaru, Glen S. Brooks, Kristin Stueber.
"Mini-incision for Rectus Abdominus Muscle Harvest."
New England Plastic Surgical Society Annual Meeting,
Mystic, Connecticut, 5/94.

Prasad G. Kilaru, Randy Sherman. “ Major Limb Replantation-
Revisited” 1998 Plastic Surgery Senior Residents Conference,
Birmingham, Alabama, 4/98

Prasad G. Kilaru MD, David M. Auerbach, MD,
Trevor P. Lynch, MD, Gregory J. Hanker, MD. “Lunotriquetral Arthrodesis” American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, California, 10/2000

Kilaru, P.G., Sherman, R.: “Tenosynovitis of the hand and forearm.” Achauer, Eriksson, and Guyuron, Coleman, Russell, and Vander Kolk, (ed.) Plastic Surgery: Indications, Operations, Outcomes. Mosby-Year Book, 1999

Breast reconstruction
Common Problems in Hand Surgery
Cosmetic Surgery
Current Trends in Breast Reconstruction
Free Flap Reconstruction
Digit and Wrist Dislocations
Vascular Disorders of the Upper Extremity
Nonmelanoma Skin Cancers
Burn Care
Vacuum Assisted Closure
Wound Healing
Wound Therapy and the VAC System
Diabetes and Wound Care
Quality Monitoring in the Hospital Setting
Plastic Surgery Overview
Common Problems in Hand Surgery
Quality Assurance in Surgical Care


Wound Care and VAC Therapy
Wound Care with Specifics on Dressing Changes
Free Tissue Transfers
Care and Monitoring of Free Tissue Transfers


Wound Care and Diabetes
Breast Reconstruction Options
Current Trends in Breast Reconstruction
Cosmetic Surgery

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